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dOvs2014 - IR Generation

Together with Semantic Analysis, the Intermediate Representation represents one of the harder tasks offered by the compiler course. If you're visiting from another university, you probably won't enjoy the course too much. You will be spending your time productively thinking about some terrible arbitrary obsolete programming language that nobody in their right mind would ever use.

It is amazing how little it takes to push you over the edge when you sit trying to write test cases during the twenty hour working stint, I made the mistake of eating a little too much breakfast, and needed a few hours of sleep just before finishing up the project.

Getting things done

The second of these posts may as well detail the efforts involved in migrating from an old old apache webserver and moving on over to nginx, such that I too may claim experience and faster serving of my currently very limited content. In doing so I migrated my python scripts which were earlier running on mod_wsgi for apache onto the dedicated uwsgi servers, I'm still getting to terms with how this all works, but I am hopeful that there won't be many issues.

One of the projects that I am now writing is a python event service passing messages through an event queue like Rabbit and out via Server Sent Events to web pages I am hosting. This is one of the steps that I am performing in modernizing the domain and exposing as many services through port 80/443 as I possibly can.

HTTPS will follow soon, maybe the site will be all HTTPS too, we will see.


First post, well on the new system anyway. The general idea is that I will be making a post roughly on fridays, resulting in no less than 52 posts a year.

The purpose is to get into the groove of writing. But also to get my head in order by creating externalizations (these posts) of what I have been doing the past week.